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Dedicated to the sports activities in connection with cars, motor-bikes and all other speed-bound Events, you will find 2 Digital HD-Recorders:
a)    VM291: in its bullet-form, you can install the VM291 on all possible Dashboards, handlebars and helmets.
The VM291 comes with all necessary Accessories. Water-resistant, with a recording-resolution of 720Pixel on SD-card, integrated microphone and a vast vision-angle, the VM291 will meet the user’s satisfaction thanks to its good Quality and high Resolution.
b)    VM292: the recording-camera comes integrated in a pair of sports-glasses, made of an extra-light material called GrilamidT90, fitted with polarized lenses, perfectly interchangeable with the additional transparent lenses supplied with the VM292. The 4GB-micro-SD-card, integrated in the frame, can be expanded to 64GB. Recordings of excellent quality (720Pixel, vast vision-angle and microphone), in little space, with no need of special accessories, in absolute freedom of action, just using these sports-design glasses.
Both Digital HD-Recording-units are promptly available from Stock. >> Ver todas las ultimas noticias