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The New parking-kit with Parking-Area-Visualization.
By connecting the kit 06921 to any screen available on the car, you can visibly locate possible OBSTACLES, by means of colored areas determining the car-distance.

At the same time, the kit 6/921 will also recognize the REAR-CAMERA-SIGNAL (when car is fitted with a rear-camera) and consequently DIVIDES THE SCREEN in two parts:
-    On the LEFT, you will see the rear-camera picture.
-    On the RIGHT, you will see the sketched car (as per attached 6/921 Data-sheet).

The parking-kit 6/921 comes complete with:
-    Central Box, with Video-exits and Input for the rear-camera-signal.
-    4 PHONOCAR-sensors (we are using also in combination of all current parking-kits)  
-    A series of Adapters, flush-mount-adapters included.
Our new parking-kit with monitor-visualization, art. 6/921,  is promptly available from our Stock.
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