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We are very happy to herewith present  our NEW ROOF-MONITOR VM196, promptly available from our Stock, as per the attached Data-Sheet VM196. The new roof-monitor VM196 offers a 10.1” screen, DVD/USB/SD-drives and an AUDIO-VIDEO-Input. The dimensions of the VM196 are sufficiently small, so that it can be installed in all car-models, even in very tight passenger-compartments.

Elegant and innovative Design and LED-illumination perfectly match the interior of many different car-models. 
  VIDEO and AUDIO format compatibility is extremely vast, so that your own files can be reproduced directly, starting from your USB/SD or DVD-supports. DVD-reproduction offers Last-Position-Memory, so that Videos can be stopped and resumed from the interruption-point onward.

The High-Definition 10.1”-screen delivers Pictures of the highest Quality and Brightness, from all vision-angles.
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